Ignorance is not bliss

When I was actively working on Bundles of Energy and diligently spreading the word of whole food and amazing health, I regularly came across the “ignorance is bliss” attitude.  You know the type.  In fact, I imagine you have probably played that card yourself at least once or twice… come on admit it!

My own Facebook page is littered with messages about well being, yet all of last year, I ignored them.  I knew better for sure… WAY better!  I let the busyness and stress of life get in the way of my own well being.

And here we are.

A good friend of mine told me not to take on guilt about anything as Cancer can happen to anyone at anytime and it’s not my fault.  I get and appreciate where she is coming from and I also know I contributed to where I am at right now.

Last year I had the schedule of probably three people on my plate.  I went from being a stay at home mom for seven years to working full time in a high stress job, taking on my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology full time, and of course raising my kids full time too.  Not to mention, for a while there I was also working 15 hours a week at their school.  As you can probably imagine, making dinner was not a priority.  We ate out a lot.  WAY too much.

I know that stress and food play a huge part in the manifestation of cancer and all illness.  I have learned many more things about cancer since this journey began as well.  Am I holding onto guilt about it?  No.  I learned a long time ago to not have any regrets.  Everything happens for a reason.

When I was diagnosed on January 7, 2013, I looked at it as an opportunity.  I have had dips in attitude along the way, particularly when I was in a lot of pain post surgery, however, I stand by that initial sentiment.  Already, friends and friends-of-friends have taken on something healthier in their life because of my request on Facebook on January 27, 2013.

My point is, don’t ignore your health.

You have one body for your whole life.  Medicine has come a long way since the cave man days but it would be unwise and neglectful to depend on it as your plan A.

Plan A should always be to eat well and be well, in body and spirit.

What will you do to take better care of you?  Today is day one.