The power of a blog… the power of you!

This morning, prior to surgery # 2, I finally decided to share this blog that I have been working on since my diagnosis.  It was a difficult decision, accompanied with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness.

Will people like it?

Why is my story so important?

Is it perfect enough yet?

On Facebook I asked friends to read it and leave comments.  The response was overwhelming.  In just one day, over 250 people visited this site with almost 1000 views of the various posts!  Some of you even left comments (woohoo and thank you).  The greatest thing is that a couple of you shared this blog with your friends.

Now this is where the power lies.  I don’t know some of you and when you share it with even more people that I don’t know, the potential reach of the blog is immeasurable and unpredictable.

The proof of this is already occurring.  This morning my friend Fawna, whom I’ve written about before, shared this blog with her Facebook community.  Several of her friends commented on it.  One of her friends, whom I do not know, posted this:

“Whenever I need a mental check in, I check out Fawna Bews FB page and found this amazing blog. It’s very true, our health is so important. If I look at the onset of my current viral situation I am reminded here that I will heal and need to take my health and wellness into my own hands moving forward too. I really have not been doing this as best as I could be these days, letting career and life’s stresses run me down & choosing quick, unhealthy foods to comfort me at night to turn the day off. So, today I’m very thankful I’ve been able to read these words with my burning eyeballs and start to visualize my recovery and create new living habits! It’s a process but I’m very very hopeful I can do it. Well her words meant alot to me today. I’m bed rested right now but it is not as serious as her. If she can find positives, develop goals and be at peace with the recovery process then I definitely can!”

Has this blog inspired you yet?  Perhaps it will inspire someone you love too.  Please share!