4 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Well Jenn you know me and what I think is that I would totally totally support any naturopathic approach to your Cancer in fact I can’t wait to hear what you find out. Fortunately not a Cancer victim but I’ve born witness to it in so many and close family members. What absolutely blows my mind is that we have to subject our bodies with burning chemicals to get better. There must be a kinder gentler way to heal. I look forward to hearing about all of your finds and well being. Hug’s Elaine.

  2. Jen I just love reading this, I think you are amazing and very strong. I look up to you as a sister in law, mother and friend and know no one else that could manage this and “kick it to the curb” as well as you can. I love you and hope you know that I support you in all your decisions, I think your great! 🙂

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