Embrace your imperfections

This post is inspired by my beautiful friend Sara.  She is following her dreams, inspiring people daily, and it just so happens that she also lives with a disability.   In her recent post on the Power of Imperfection for the Love Infinitely Project, she discusses how her imperfect body has taught her valuable lessons, specifically regarding imperfection.


“(Imperfection) is universal, shared, and normal, and it is by truly recognizing this, that the negativity we often associate with imperfection is dissolved, and it becomes devoid of its power to keep us small.” – Sara Notenboom

I love that!  Universal, shared, and normal.  Yet we constantly strive for perfection, judging ourselves for not ever getting there.

I have to admit that embracing imperfection is absolutely a work in progress for me.  I have always struggled with self image issues and since my surgeries, this is no different.  It  becomes plainly obvious to me when I am in the change room after hot yoga and all I really want to do is shower and put dry clothes on.  But what do I actually do?  I find a bathroom to change in or I throw a hoodie on and wait until I get home.

I am embarrassed of my scar.  Maybe embarrassed is not the right word.  I am acutely aware of my scar.  I don’t want people to see it.  I don’t want anyone to stare.  I don’t want people to feel sorry for me.

The thing is, I’m not sure that is the response I would get.  When I was at Silverwood this year I saw a woman proudly walk by wearing a bikini.  She had no hair and a huge scar the length of her abdomen.  When I saw her I did not feel sorry for her at all.  After all what was there to be sorry for?  She was proud.  She was happy.  She looked beautiful and strong and healthy.

Our scars do not define us.  Our attitudes do.  Our actions do.  

So I am working on it.  My first step was to get changed the other day after hot yoga.  There was no one in the change room at the time but we’re taking baby steps here!  Sara’s post reminds me that I am who I am, and I am beautiful, strong, and healthy too!

Which of your imperfections do you embrace today? Please let us know in the comments below and then head on over and like the Love Infinitely Project and follow Sara on Twitter!


3 thoughts on “Embrace your imperfections

  1. one of my imperfection is being a little having a few extra pounds to lose. its not that i am a junk food eater I am far from that I always been a healthy eater and exercised. but having some health issues like PCOS to name a few sometimes its hard to lose weight. I always been made fun of that and with my learning disabilities that I have. but I have now learned from years from being bullied that it doesnt matter what we look like on the outside its what the inside that really matters. so I say to myself from what some of my family and friends tell me that I am a person with a heart of gold, kind and caring and that all that matters to me what my personality is from the inside counts the most of being a beautiful woman and as far as my learning disabilities we all learn different having learning disabilities had made me become a stronger person

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  3. Hi my beautiful Jenn,
    Thank you for the reminders. Yes, I agree that it is our attitudes and actions that define who we are.
    Let us walk proud with our lovely smiles and be happy with who we are and all that we have and encourage others to do the same. 🙂

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