Angels – Part 1

I need to introduce Fawna as she is a key figure in my story.  She is one of my people.  She is my angel.

Rewind a few years.  Well, 6 1/2 years ago, June 2006, to be specific.

That is when my husband and I decided to move our small family away from the bustling city of Calgary, AB and out to the country.   More specifically to the little village of Longview, AB.  I believe our family of five (at the time) increased the village’s population to a whopping 306!  It was a bit of a culture shock to say the least.  Add to that the fact that we knew no one and everyone else in Longview had grown up there and were surrounded by large, supportive families… Oh yeah, and less than a month in, we got pregnant!  Make that population 307!

Anyway, we did manage to make a few friends right from the start.  D and M lived right across the street and had a son the same age as Grace, so naturally we hit it off.  They invited us to their pig roast at the end of the summer.  I know right?  Pig roast… what is that?  Essentially it was a large gathering of friends eating food, having drinks, and socializing.  In Calgary we call this a barbeque.

It was at this pig roast that I was introduced to Fawna.  Initially we were introduced because we were both pregnant and had kids at the Longview School.  In fact, our friendship went on as such for a few years.  We co-chaired the parent council together, exchanged childcare once in a while, and Fawna even invited me into the ladies group that she and her friends had once a month.

I cant really pinpont when our relationship blossomed beyond that.  It could have been the many teas we had while discussing the care of youth at risk but probably it really began the day I went to her ranch for a vision board workshop.

I remember really not wanting to go.  I had just finished two long days of a seminar in Calgary in the midst of winter snow storms and horrid traffic.  I was exhausted and yet compelled to go anyway.  I wore my most comfortable sweats and headed west.

Fawna began the day with a chakra meditation.  At the time, I was fairly new to the experience of meditation and still did know that I almost always cry when I meditate.


I don’t remember the specifics of what came to me in that meditation but I do remember that I stepped over into the world of “woo” that day.  Woo is my word to define everything spiritual and related to energy.   I shared with the group how scared I felt to accept woo into my being.  I was worried my husband would love this newfound wisdom about me.  I was ashamed at the grief I had given my mom about her woo-ness for so many years.

What I got from the group that day was, of course, complete acceptance.   And from my husband, also complete acceptance.

When I was trying to relay the experience to my friend Michelle, she said,

She’s your angel.  Fawna is your angel.

Michelle’s statement shocked me at first and settled quickly.  It is true.  Fawna is my angel.  She is an angel to many.  Anyone who meets her is bound to feel safe, comfortable, and protected in her presence.  She has that essence about her.  She is compassion.  She is my angel.

Do angels appear as friends or loved ones in your life?


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